Breathe web series is it Binge Worthy

 Breathe is the latest web shows produced by Amazon.


Starring R Madhavan and Amit Sadh in the key role and Mayank Sharma’s as a director.

The story is about Danny Mascarenhas (Madhavan) a single parent and a football coach.

His only son Josh who had been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis has been fighting it for many years waiting for a lung donor with very less hope as he needs an organ from a donor with the rare blood group of AB Negative.

While Amit Sadh plays the role of inspector Kabir Sawant, who has his own problems.

He had lost his daughter in an accident,  who had gotten hold of his service gun and shot herself while playing with it. Due to his guilt, he turned in to a alcoholics.

As Danny gets the list of the donor he starts his planning to kill each individual in such a way that it would be deemed as an accident, because if any foul play would be suspected in that death it would not be considered for organ donation.

Thus begins Danny’s race against time to kill all the people on the list so that his son would get the organ he needs.

Meanwhile, Kabir who is on his tail as the organ donor with AB negative starts dying around trying to prove Danny’s crime.

The main strength of this series is how Danny (R.Madhavan) uses some ingenious ways to kill the donor and also to fool Kabir once he starts suspecting Danny.

The story of Kabir can be said was taken directly from a Malayalam movie Memories, where its the story of a brilliant inspector who loses his family and becomes an alcoholic only to return to catch a brilliant serial killer.

Breathe is one of the best offerings from the short but rising list of web series from India and as it contains just 8 episodes it is totally something you should binge this weekend.

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