Best Anime that were Adapted from Light Novel

After Manga most inspiration for an anime comes from Light Novel.

Here are some of the best anime adapted from Light Novel…

Sword Art Online

Episodes :- Season 1 (25) , Season 2 (24) , 1 Movie

Sword Art Online is an anime that is based on a Light Novel By Reki Kawahara.

Sword Art Online is a virtual reality massively multiplayer online role-playing game (VRMMORPG) playable by using a device called Nerve Gear, a helmet that connects the user’s brain to their in-game characters which were created by Akihiko Kayaba.

On November 6, when 10,000 players logged into the game, Kayaba appears and tells the players that they must beat the game to get out and those who die in-game will die in the real life too.

Kazuto Kirigaya (Kirito), is one of the players who got to play the game when it was in the beta stage. With the help of his experience as a beta tester, Kirito goes ahead of everyone to try and win the game.

Re: Zero − Starting Life in Another Worldre

Episodes :- Season 1 (25)

Re: Zero is an anime that is based on a Light Novel written by Tappei Nagatsuki and illustrated by Shinichirou Otsuka.

Subaru Natsuki is a teenage boy who does spend his time doing nothing but play games.

One night when he was coming back from a convenience store, he is pulled into another world. As soon as he the new world, he starts to think that he is a hero who has been summoned to protect this world as seen in many Mangas and anime.

But soon he realizes that not the case as some people come and beat him up while trying to rob him.Only to be saved by a  silver-haired ( half-elf ) girl named Satella, and her Puck her pet of sort.

As he tries to return the favor by helping Satella, he comes across a foe who kills them all (Yes the hero Dies ) and then he is teleported back two days to a time where he had not meet Satella, thus he realize his power.

Subaru is not you Regular Anime protagonist who always comes back from the brink of death. Instead, he dies again and again in very brutal scenarios until he comes up with a plan to save himself and his loved ones.

The Pet Girl of Sakurasou (Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo)

Episodes :- Season 1 (24)

The Pet Girl of Sakursou is an anime that is based on a Light Novel written by Hajime Kamoshida, with illustrations by Kēji Mizoguchi.

Sakurasou (Sakura Dormitory) is where strangest and most troublesome students of Suimei University of the Arts sent to live.

Sorata Kanda moves into Sakurasou to take care of stray cat as regular dormitory didn’t allow pets, where he meets Mashiro Shiina,  a famous artist.

Somehow she becomes his responsibility as she cannot do any daily chores without help from someone. Sorata is forced to take on Mashiro’s Duty.

The story is about how Sorata, who is Surrounded by many eccentric genius get inspired to fulfill his dream to make a game.


DanMachi  Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?dan

Episodes :- Season 1(13) + OVA

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon is an anime that is based on a light novel written by Fujino Ōmori and illustrated by Suzuhito Yasuda.

The city of Orario is filled with adventurers who visit dungeon to defeat monsters such as minotaur, goblins and many such monsters for the crystal that they drop when defeated.

This crystal is exchanged for money.

Adventures of the city serve under gods that stay with them in a group called Familia.

Bell Cranel, a 14-year-old is the only adventurer under the goddess Hestia. He is in love with a powerful swordswomen Ais Wallenstein as she saved his life from a minotaur once.

The story is about his fast growth due to his hard work and a magic given to him by someone powerful and evil intention.



My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFUteen

Episodes :-Season 1 (13), Season 2 (13)

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU is an anime that is based on a light novel written by Wataru Watari and illustrated by Ponkan8.

This anime is about a socially awkward boy Hachiman Hikigaya, who is forced joins a service club that helps other students with their problems by his teacher.

Yukino Yukinoshita, who is already a member of the club clash with him on his notion of how to live a full fling life. while Yui Yuigahama who is their classmate later joins the club and tries to mediate every time they bicker.

Most of the problem they try to sort out is the problem any normal teenagers face during their high school life.


Devil is a part-timerdevil

Episodes :- Season 1 (13)

Devil is a part-timer is an anime that is based on a light novel by Satoshi Wagahara, with illustrations by Oniku.

The Demon Lord (Satan Jacob) was about to lose his life as after many years of war the hero (Emilia Justina)  had finally reached to him, But in a nick of time he opens up a portal to Tokyo to escape.

As he arrives in Tokyo with is companion Alciel he realizes that this world has very little magic, due to which he can’t go back to his world right now as it would take a lot of time to store enough magic to get back.

To survive he takes up a part-time job in a fast food restaurant.

Soon he meets a girl named Emi yusa who turn out be Emilia, as she had chased after him to this world and got stuck also.

The story gets interesting when they start meeting new people from this world and people from their old world start popping up.


Episodes :- Season 1 (25)

Toradora! is an anime that is based on Japanese light novel by Yuyuko Takemiya, with illustrations by Yasu.

Ryuji Takasu who is a gentle person is always mistaken for a delinquent due to his looks.

He hangs around with his classmate/best friend Yusaku Kitamura and Minori Kushieda his crush.

While Taiga Aisaka who is Minori’s best friend is considered as a most dangerous person in the school, due to her bad attitude towards others and the habit of snapping at others.

Taiga and Ryuji stay opposite to each other in the same complex. soon they realize how they both are attracted to each other’s best friend and decide to help each other with their crushes.


No Game No Lifegame

Episodes :- Season 1 (12), 1 Movie

No Game No Life is an anime based on Japanese light novel by Yū Kamiya.

Sora and Shiro are step-siblings who are shut-in gamer. They are known as Blank in the online community and are yet to be defeated in any games they try.

One day, they receive an Email from an unknown person who challenges them to a game of chess which they win.

The challenger turns out to be a god from another reality, Tet. Who summons them to his world, A world where no one can do any harm to other and any difference are sorted by playing a game.

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha (Maoyu)mayou

Episodes :- Season 1 (12)

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha (Maoyu) is an anime based on the light novel by Mamare Touno.

The human warrior who is known as “hero” has finally reached the castle of the Demon King with the sole intention of killing him.

But as he reaches the demon king chamber he finds out that the leader of the demons is actually a queen. who offer him an alliance,   explains how humans who have lost their common enemy would turn against each other and start fighting.

Convinced by her queen’s words the Hero accepts the alliance. With the power of hero and intelligence of the demon queen, they start to execute many ideas that would bring prosperity and lasting peace to Humans and Demons alike.

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