Smartest TV Show Character Who Will Blow Your Mind

This is the list of Smartest TV Show Character who Will blow your mind everytime you watch their Show.


Gregory House – House M.D.




Gregory House is often considered as a medical genius, as he only takes and diagnoses such medical cases that other doctor could not do while rejecting case that he does not find interesting.

He is the head of the diagnostician’s department in the Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. where with the help of his team and his unconventional methods he diagnoses his patients.

House’s character is heavily inspired from the character of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and just like Sherlock he also relies on drugs to escape from his pain in the leg, cause due to muscle death, due to which he has to use a cane.

He often clashes with his team and another member of the hospital due to his unconventional ways, Going to any length to diagnose his patient and also because he cares more about the puzzle than what happens to the patient.


Sherlock Holmes – Sherlock




Sherlock is a modernized version of the detective stories about Sherlock Holmes written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Sherlock Holmes is a modern-day detective, Who consults on various case on the behalf of London police.

He is always accompanied by his friend, Dr.John Watson a military doctor.

His exceptional powers of observation help him find many clues that any ordinary person would have missed.


Patrick Jane – The Mentalist




Patrick Jane was a con man, who by using his exceptional skill to cold read fooled peoples into believing that he is a psychic.

During his stint as a Psychic, he held a celebrity status due to which he was offered a TV show. In the TV shows pilot episode he boasted, that he had helped police in profiling a serial killer named “Red John”. The angered serial killer kills his daughter and wife in cold blood to get back at him.

After which Jane joins CBI as an independent consultant and starts helping them to solve murders using his skill to read people. Also tries to track down the serial killer using CBI resources.



Michael Scofield – Prison Break




Michael Scofield robs a bank and gets caught on purpose to get into Fox River Prison as his brother Lincoln is serving there for the murder of Terrence Steadman, the brother of US Vice President Caroline Reynolds.

Michel who believe that Lincoln is innocent is there to break his brother out as he is already sentenced to death and awaits his execution.

Michael Scofield, a brilliant structural engineer who has a plan and had brilliantly tattooed every aspect of it on to his body in such a way that only he could understand.


Dexter Morgan – Dexter




Dexter who at the age of three saw his mother getting brutally killed with a chainsaw by a man and was traumatized by it.

Harry Morgan was the policeman who first responded to the crime scene and finds Dexter sitting in the pool of his mother’s blood and later goes on to adopt him.

Harry was also the first person to notice Dexter homicidal tendencies and taught him to uses it in such a way that it would be helpful to the society.

The solution they came up with was to kill those gruesome criminals (child molesters, assassins, rapists, and serial killers)  that escaped the justice system through loopholes and went on doing more crimes.

Dexter who as a forensic technician specializing in bloodstain pattern analysis worked for Miami Police Department to get access to the resources and information about the criminals he could kill and satisfy his drive to kill.


Mike Ross – Suits


Mike Ross


Mike Ross has a photographic memory, which helped him to sail through school easily.

But was expelled from school as he tried to sell the question of the upcoming test to students and get caught, Due to which he lost his scholarships and admission from Harvard Law.

He then starts making his living illegally taking the LSAT (Law School Admission Test) for others.

His Best friend Trevor (a drug Dealer) asks him to deliver a case of marijuana for a large amount of money get him nearly arrested by police. To escape from the police he goes into a room where Harvey Specter, one of the best lawyer in the city is interviewing people for his law firm.

Mike then goes on to impress Harvey enough to bag an associate position, even though he doesn’t have a license to practice law. Together they take on many cases while hiding mikes secret.


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