Best TV Shows based on DC Comics

All the DC Comicbook fans who are waiting for the next movie from DC studios, here are some of the tv shows that are based on DC Comics and are must watch.


  • Seasons: 8
  • Episodes: 167
  • Status: Ongoing

This Tv Show is based on the DC Comics character Green Arrow created by Mort Weisinger and George Papa.

Arrow is the story of a billionaire playbook Oliver Queen, who was stranded on an island named Lian Yu in north china seas for five years due to a shipwreck.

He returns home to Starling City as a vigilante who is named Arrow because of the weapon of his choice Bow and Arrow to fighting crime and corruption.

This Tv Show paved the way for a new era of TV shows based on DC Comics and creating a Verse Dubbed “Arrowverse” that connected the storyline of many such Tv Shows based on the DC Universe that came after this show. 


  • Seasons: 5
  • Episodes: 100
  • Status: Completed

This Tv Show is based on the DC Comics most Famous Cape Crusader “Batman.

The Show which is set in the city of Gotham follows Jim Gordon of the Gotham City Police Department, who with his partner Harvey Bullock tries to solve crimes in the city.

The show focuses on the period after the demise of billionaire Thomas Wayne and his wife, which later on pushes his son Bruce Wayne to become a crusader with the help of their Butler Alfred Pennyworth

The Flash

  • Seasons: 6
  • Episodes: 123
  • Status: Ongoing

This Tv Show is based on the DC Comics Character Flash Created by Robert Kanigher and Carmine Infantino, a part of arrow verse.

The show follows Barry Allen a crime scene investigator, who becomes a metahuman (Human with a superpower) after an explosion in the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator.

Barry who gains the power of superhuman speed starts fighting crime and hunt other metahumans in the central city as the Flash.

Super Girl

  • Seasons: 5
  • Episodes: 96
  • Status: Ongoing

This Tv Show is based on the DC Comics character Super Girl Created by Otto Binder and Al Plastino and it is also part of Arrowverse.

Kara Zor-el a 13-year-old girl was sent after her cousin Kal-el (Superman) to earth from Krypton as it was exploding.

Kara whose spacecraft get knocked off course and get forced into a phantom zone is trapped in there for 24 years and by the time she reaches earth Kal-el had grown up and became Superman.

The series follows 24-year-old Kara who is just started to learn to embrace her newfound power and has taken up an alias of Super Girl.

Legends of tomorrow

  • Seasons: 4
  • Episodes: 67
  • Status: Ongoing

Rip Hunter a member of the Time Masters organization (Protectors of timeline), Goes rouge to stop Vandal Savage who had murdered his family.

To do so he creates a team of ragtag metahumans consisting of Atom, White Canary, Fire Strom, Hawkgirl, Hawk man, Captain Cold and Heat Wave.

This Tv Show takes many characters from other arrowverse shows, such as Arrow, The Flash and Super Girl and brings them together.


  • Seasons: 2
  • Episodes: 24
  • Status: Ongoing

This Tv Show is based on the DC Comics team Teen Titans, a group of young heroes who form a team to fight against evil.

Rachel Roth (Raven) is being persuade by dark forces comes to Dick Grayson (Robin) for protection.

They end up teaming up with Kory Anders (Starfire) and Garfield Logan (Beast boy) to find out who is targeting Rachel.

They soon figure out that Rachels Demon father Trigon is the one targeting her, who want to enslave the world.


  • Seasons: 1
  • Episodes: 9
  • Status: Ongoing

This Tv Show is based on the DC Comics character Batwoman created by Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, Mark Waid, and Keith Giffen, and is part of arrowverse.

This show is about Kate Kane cousin of the billionaire Bruce Wayne (Batman) who has been missing for last three years.

Kate who has her own set of problems and demons set to became a symbol of hope for the city of Gotham as “Batwoman”.


  • Seasons: 10
  • Episodes: 217
  • Status: Completed

This Tv Show is based on the DC Comics character Superman created by Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster.

The show focus on the son of Martha and Jonathan Kent’s adopted son Clark, who finds it hard to control his newfound superhuman power and his alien origin.

Clark who lives in the fictional town of Smallville finds himself surrounded by meteor infected individual to deal with, without revealing his true identity.

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