Best Indian Web Series That You Could Binge In a Day

Indian web series is getting better and better, so here are some of the best such series that you could binge in a day or just few hours.

Yeh Meri Family  – TVF

Yeh Meri Family is an Indian web series set in the year 1998, The story is about Harshu (Harshal Gupta) a 12-year-old boy and his family.

Harshu is surrounded by many such character in his life that you could relate to very easily, such as a strict mom who is always right, a forgetful father, an achiever older brother who is good at everything, an adorable little sister, a best friend who has solution for your every problem and also the first crush who could make us forget every bad memory of our teenage years.

This relatable show will make you remember many nostalgic memories of yours reminding you of the funs and problems of being a teenager in the 90s.

Scared Games – Netflix

Scared Games is an Indian web series based on Vikram Chandra’s 2006 thriller novel of the same name which directed by Vikramaditya Motwane and Anurag Kashyap.

Being Netflix’s first original Indian series and also due to its Stellar casts such as Saif Ali Khan, Nawazuidin Siddiqui and Radhika Apte there was much anticipation for it, which proved to be worth it as it turned out to be an amazing series.

The story revolves around Sartaj Singh a police officer who receives a phone call from a gangster telling him that the city is going to end in 25 days and only Trivedi will survive.

Breathe – Amazon Original Series

This web series is about Danny Mascarenhas (Madhavan) a single parent and a football coach.

His only son Josh who had been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis has been fighting it for many years waiting for a lung donor with very less hope as he needs an organ from a donor with the rare blood group of AB Negative.

This story is about Danny’s race against time to kill all the people that are ahead of his son in the donor list.

The limits he can go to keep his son alive is the main plot and the ingenious way he tends to do so I extremely thrilling and would keep you on your toes.

Pitchers – TVF

Tvf Pitchers is an Indian web series, is about four friends who quit their jobs to start a start-up company.

Four friends Naveen, Jitu, Yogi, and Mandal life changes as they prepare to start their own company dreaming to be their own boss and trying to get funding for their start-up.

This series which was first compared to an American tv show Silicon Valley (HBO) due to its trailer turned out to be different and as entertaining as the American show.

Pitchers is the highest rated Indian web series in IMDB with 9.2 Rating and hold 53rd spot in IMDB top Tv List.

College Romance – The Timeliners

This Indian web series is one of the newest show on the list and a must watch.

The story is about three best friends Karan, Trippy and Naira.

Who each have their own love interest and to impress whom they get into many hilarious situations that you could easily relate to.

Tripling – TVF

This series follows the story of three siblings Chandan, Chanchal & Chitvan and their journey to find themselves.

Chandan who recently has been divorced is roped on a road trip to Jodhpur by his brother Chitvan to meet their sister Chanchal who is married to a royal prince.

This story revolves around this three sibling and their journey towards their parents home and how that inspires them to find themselves.

Permanent Roommate – TVF


Tanya and Mikesh have been in a long-distance relationship for the last 3 years.

Mikesh who returns from America to surprise Tanya and ask her to marry him.

Meanwhile, Tanya who is scared of commitment and to not break Mikesh heart by rejecting his proposal reluctantly agree to live together.

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