25 Best Long-Running Manga that would keep you Busy for a long time

If you have ever tried to find a Long-Running manga with loads of chapters and volumes, you most likely will find names of many Manga that would have never heard of and list of mangas whose volumes are insanely hard to find.

So, after going through a list of manga series by volume count – Wikipedia Page, which had a list of 165 Mangas in it. I selected 25 Best Long-Running manga that would keep you busy for a long time.

So, the list of 25 best manga as per their volume count is

Best Long-Running Manga Over 100 Volumes


1. Hajime No Ippo – 126 Volumes


Makunouchi Ippo who has bullied his entire life got a chance to change himself when he was saved by Takamura Mamoru a boxer when he was being bullied.

Soon he joins the gym where Takamura goes and begins his training and also where he comes across his rival Miyata Ichirou as he becomes his first-ever opponent in boxing and also his first win in his life.

He then goes on to train and becomes a Pro, from which start his journey to the title of Best in the World.

2. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures – 126 Volumes

jojo bizarre adventure

This long running manga had till now, eight different Protagonists who all are from the Joestar Family, they each have a star-shaped Birthmark just above their left shoulder and have a name that has “JoJo” in it.

Each Protagonist has a supernatural ability that they learn and master to beat the most powerful villain in their part with the help of allies that they gather.

3. Captain Tsubasa – 102 Volumes

captain tubasa long-running manga

Tsubasa Oozora is an elementary school student who loves football very much and wants to win the FIFA world cup for japan one day.

Tsubasa who has just moved to a new city with his mother joins the local school and challenges the elite school in there area with a great football team to a match.


Best Long-Running Manga Over 70 to 100 Volumes


4.Detective Conan – 97 Volumesconan Long Running Manga

Shinichi Kudo is a high school detective who occasionally helps out police in solving tough cases.

During one of such investigation, he is attacked by a crime organization dubbed as “Black Organization”, to kill him in a non-traceable way they force him to take an experimental drug.

This drug instead of killing him transform him into a child, who later on adopts the name Edogawa Conan to protect his loved ones from the Black organization and to find a way to get his old body back.     

5. One Piece – 95 Volumes

one piece Long Running Manga

One of the bestselling manga ever, One Piece follows the story of Monkey.D.Luffy a pirate whose aim is to become the pirate king.

Gold Rodger the pirate king just before his execution announced that all his treasure that he had amassed in his life as a pirate was hidden on an island and the person who can find it would be deemed as the next Pirate King.

This news spread like wildfire, which ushered in an era of pirates.

With the Guinness world record of “The most copy published for the same comic book by a single author”, this award-winning manga and it’s anime counterpart that has been running since the 90s with no end in sight. 

6. Gintama – 77 Volumes

gintama Long Running Manga

Set in an alternate history Edo Period, where humans after being attacked by aliens have surrendered and given more power to them under an unequal contact, were carrying swords is banned.

Gintoki Sakata is an eccentric samurai who works as a freelance, with his two friends runs a business that does everything under the sun. 

7. Bleach – 74 Volumes


Ichigo Kurosaki is a high school student who can see ghosts and other supernatural beings such as Hollows (monstrous lost soul) and Soul Reapers (Soldiers that usher souls to the spirit world).

Ichigo ends up becoming a substitute soul reaper when a soul reaper who got injured by a hollow, transfers her power into him to save both of their life.

8. Naruto – 72 Volumes

naruto Completed Manga

One day village of the leaf was attacked by a power full monster that was called “The Nine tail Beast”, to save the village and its people Hokage (Village Leader) Decides to seal the monster in a newborn baby.

Naruto had always felt despise, anger and neglect all his life, being an orphan and hated by the villagers for a reason he didn’t know.

He had just one dream that one day he would become Hokage and be loved and respect by everyone in the village.


Best Long-Running Manga Over 50 to 70 Volumes


9. The Prince of Tennis – 69 Volumes

This manga is about a cocky tennis prodigy, who enrolls in a private school that is famous for its elite tennis club and how he joins its team despite being a first-year student and aim for the nationals with his teammate.

10. Ace of diamonds – 65 Volumes


Eijun Sawamura is a baseball pitcher with an unusual changeup pitch, he is scouted by a prestigious high school who offers him a scholarship and a chance to make it in the nationals.

Before rejecting the offer, he first decides to just visit the high school, which changes his outlook toward baseball and his future.

11. Yowamushi Pedal – 63 Volumes


Onoda Sakamachi had ridden his Mommy Bike (simple and bulky bike designed for a short ride) for fun and short trip.

When two of his classmates, who see him driving it in two different scenarios like climbing a hill easily, they both decide to recruit him into the bicycle racing club of their school.

12. Fairy Tail – 63 Volumes

The manga is about Natsu Dragneel, a dragon slayer from the Fairy Tail guild who is traveling all around the Kingdom of Fiore with his friend Lucy Heartfillia and his Cat-like partner Happy, in the search of his adoptive father, the dragon Igneel.

13. Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple – 61 Volumes


Kenichi was a kid who had been bullied all his life, to grow strong he decides to join the dojo of martial arts that is run by his new classmates’ grandfather.

But to be accepted as a Disciple, he has to prove his worth to all the different eccentric martial arts master staying in that house.

14. Inuyasha – 56 Volumes

Kagome is a 15-year-old girl from modern Tokyo, who was pulled into a Sengoku period japan through an enshrined well by a centipede demon.

She is saved by a Yokai (a half-dog demon)  named Inuyasha who kills the centipede and accompanies her in her quest to return home.

15. Kingdom – 55 Volumes


Xin and Piao are war Orphans born during the warring State period of ancient china in the kingdom of Qin.

They dreamed to rise from their lowly station as household slaves to becoming “Great General Under the Heaven”.

Piao who gets his chance to rise from his status earlier when a minister takes him to the palace for some unknown purpose, leaving Xin alone.

But one day Piao return on verge of his death and ask Xin to go to another village, on reaching there Xin find himself face to face with a boy who looked just like Piao.

This person was Ying Zheng the rightful king of Qin.      

This is one of the most underrated manga Right now, this should be in every top manga list but is rarely talked about with near to 77 volume of content this manga is a masterpiece in many senses that you would realize once you start reading.   

16. Giant Killing – 52 Volumes

Giantkilling Long Running Manga

East Tokyo United (ETU) is a struggling football team, hires an eccentric coach named Tatsumi Takeshi who once was considered as a great player but had abandoned his team.

Tatsumi who now has proved his worth as a football coach with amateur teams has now proved his worth by coaching this team against teams that have great players and a big budget.

17. Hayate the Combat Butler – 52 Volumes

Hayate Ayasaki is a 16-year-old boy who had worked all his life to make the ends meet due to his parent’s frivolous behavior and but it didn’t end there as his parents run away from home after creating a gambling debt of 156,804,000 yen.

While running away from yakuza, who aimed to sell his organ to collect their debt, he meets and saves a 13-year-old heiress who hires him as her new butler.  


Best Long-Running Manga Over 40 to 50 Volumes


18. Initial D – 48 Volumes

initail d Long Running Manga

Takumi Fujiwara is a meek high school student who helps his father by delivering tofu every morning from the time he was in middle school in his father’s beat-up car.

After driving for years up and down the mountain he learned the skills to push his father’s car on the mountain fast enough to beat elite racers who race in the mountains with their powerful modern cars.

19. Baby Steps – 47 Volumes

baby step Long Running Manga

Eiichiro Maruo is an honor student who had gotten an A grade all his life and had no interest in physical activity, disappointed with how things were and his lack of exercise he decided to join the nearby tennis Club.

After joining the club, he realizes that it is filled with many students who are aiming to become a pro one day, after being inspired by his clubmates he to decide to aim for becoming a pro with his strategic ways.

20. Skip Beat – 44 Volumesskip beat

Kyoko Mogami is a sixteen-year-old girl, who runs ways with her love and childhood friend Shotaro Fuwa.

Kyoko who had lived most parts of her childhood in Shotaro’s parent’s Inn helping them out with odd jobs here and there.

She Leaves behind her life in Kyoto and High school and runs off to Tokyo, to support Sho in his dream to become a popular musician.

For which she lives a frugal life and works multiple jobs to support Sho who eventually becomes a star and leaves her stating how plain and boring she is.

Thus, begin Kyoko’s journey into Showbiz just for the sole purpose of becoming a famous star much more above Fuwa Sho and having her revenge.

21. Haikyu – 42 Volumes


Shoyo Hinata was inspired by a player named “little giant” who despite being of a short height like him was considered as the best volleyball player due to his plays against typical long players in the Game.

He joins the same school as the little giant, where he makes a pair with Tobio Kageyama, who he once considered as his biggest rival.

22. Chihayafuru – 42 Volumes


Chihaya Ayase had spent all her life supporting her sitter in her dreams until she was introduced to a game called Karuta by a talented player.

On entering high school, she with her best friend create a Karuta club using that a stepping stone she aims to become the best Karuta player in the world.

23. Dragon Ball – 42 VolumesDragon Ball

Son Goku is a monkey tailed boy, who with his friend Bulma is traveling around the world to find seven dragon balls, by assembling the dragon balls they can summon the dragon Shenlong who would grant their one wish.

24. Reborn – 42 Volumes

Tsunayoshi Sawada has been chosen to become the 10th boss of Vongola family and to train him the current boss send an infant Hitman Reborn.

Reborn starts training Sawada who is an underachiever and clumsy person to become a strong, confidant and suitable Vongola family boss.

25. Berserk – 40 Volumes

This manga is about traveling mercenary named guts who had seen war and death from the time he was born from a hanged corpse and saved by a woman.

He grows up to become a fearsome warrior and catches the attention of the charismatic leader of a mercenary group named “Band of the hawk”.

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